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We are delighted to be working with the following organisations on Procurex Scotland 2018

Cyber Security Sponsor

Quorum Cyber

Quorum Cyber are specialists in ‘right size’ cyber security solutions and operations.

We provide a range of Consulting Services, Resourcing, and ‘Big Red Button’, our brand of in-house built, innovative, simple Managed Security Services, created for the next generation of cyber-attacks. Our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of the public sector.

Festival of Procurement Sponsor

Badenoch & Clark

Badenoch & Clark’s executive search, permanent, interim, RPO and leadership solutions unite professional talent across a vast range of sectors and functions.  We know our solutions help to improve and support the quality of public services in Scotland and we’re a proud sponsor of the GO Awards and Scotland’s Festival of Procurement.

Registration Sponsor

Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies is a leading provider of data centre hardware maintenance. Founded in 1991, Park Place Technologies provides an alternative to OEM post-warranty storage, server and networking hardware maintenance for IT data centres, with 24/7 access to a global contact centre and support from the industry’s most advanced engineers.

Serving more than 11,000 end-user customers – including all tier-one OEMs and businesses ranging from government, higher education, and healthcare institutions to cloud service providers, SMB and Fortune 500 companies – Park Place Technologies’ services are spread across 30,000 data centres in more than 100 countries.

Park Place’s latest innovation is ParkView, a revolutionary remote service that proactively detects hardware faults 24/7.

Gold Sponsor

OMW Supplies

OMW Supplies is authorised distributor of Courty® multi-sport surface.

Courty is using a modern technology and their structure allows for receiving any overloads acting on the musculoskeletal system of players, thus damping the loads both in a vertical and horizontal axis. It is the unique solutions on a global scale.

Festival of Procurement Sponsor


Softcat is proud to be one of the UK’s leading IT infrastructure providers. Famous for outstanding customer service and passionate about employee satisfaction – both of which inspire flexible, friendly approach to business. Through a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, Softcat help customers address IT sourcing challenges, software licensing needs, innovate with new IT solutions and embrace the cloud through exciting managed services.

Festival of Procurement Sponsor

APS Group

APS Group provides a unique communications service built to support Scottish Government, Public and Third Sector organisations throughout Scotland. Through a bespoke mix of creative and studio services, digital media, print production management, publishing and logistics, we streamline marketing activities, improve processes and deliver cost savings to the Public Sector.

Festival of Procurement Sponsor

Epson UK Ltd

By developing innovative, convenient and easy to use product that can be used any time and anywhere, Epson can help customers to reduce waste, save time and resources, and contribute to a sustainable society. Epson’s vision is to leverage their unique technologies to generate value in four innovation areas; Inkjet, Visual, Wearables and Robotics.