The South of England Festival of Procurement

20 April 2017, Olympia, London

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The ‘Success in Contracting’ Zone

The ‘Success in Contracting’ Zone

The zone will look at the perception and reality of contracting. It will consider the latest research findings into what makes the difference between success and failure in contracting, and identify those practices that lead to superior value and delivery results. Common myths and perceptions will be examined, as will the role of leadership in setting the agenda for successful contracting outcomes.

The zone is led by IACCM, and shares a wealth of experience and learning from public and private sector contracting in both UK and overseas markets.

IACCM representatives will examine current trends and likely future developments in the field of contracting, as the search for higher value, lower costs, better outcomes and keeping pace with accelerating technological innovation all challenge contracting professionals to seize the initiative and provide leadership leading to commercial excellence.

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